How to Unlock HTC One X10 Bootloader

HTC One X10 is a powerful smartphone which can run any process or app you want. So, you can experience different things on your device though, by default, you will end up in dealing with factory restrictions. These restrictions will limit your tweaks and will also limit the performance of your device. So, if you want to unleash the true potential of your HTC One X10, and if you want to extend your Android access, don’t think twice and choose to check all the lines from below.

Any tweaking initiative must start with an unlocking process. Thus, you can eventually apply your favorite tweaks on your HTC One X10 only after unlocking the bootloader. The bootloader is a small program or a special code that runs each time you boot or reboot your smartphone. Everything is initiated through this program and it’s your job to unlock it if you want to gain further control over the stock Android firmware.

The bootloader usually loads the Android OS along with other essential start-up programs and features from the ROM memory into the RAM partition. Along with the start-up programs that program will also initiate bloatware and different pre-loaded restrictions. So, by unlocking the bootloader you can remove these restrictions and you can prepare your HTC One X10 for further custom operations.

And when I speak about custom operations I usually have in mind processes such as: installing a custom recovery image (like TWRP or CWM recovery), gaining root access, flashing a custom ROM firmware (Lineage OS, AOKP, Paranoid Android, and more), add custom kernels and MODs, remove bloatware and lot more.

Unlocking the bootloader is a process supported by HTC though it’s not quite official. As you will see, this tutorial can be used if you have a special unlock key. This key will be provided by HTC itself. However, that doesn’t mean you are going to complete an official process. No, instead, the warranty of your HTC One X10 will get void – yes, that’s right, unfortunately, the warranty will be lost and the only way in which you can try to restore it is by reinstalling the stock Android OS.

Your data might get corrupted during the unlock process. So, a backup should be considered. Of course, if you have important files saved on your HTC One X10 you should apply dedicated backup and restore solutions for securing your contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, audio files, market apps and other personal files – in most situations the backup can be applied by syncing your files with your Google account, by using HTC built-in cloud storage platforms or by downloading apps from Google Play.

For the steps from below you will have to use a computer. On this computer you need to install the HTC One X10 drivers and the Android SDK toolkit – learn how to install Android SDK on Windows or how to set up ADB on MAC OS X / Linux. Then, on your smartphone go to About Phone and from that field tap, repeatedly for 7 or 10 times, on Built Number – in this way you will enable Developer Options. Next, from Developer Options you have to check the USB Debugging option and the OEM Unlock feature.

Finally, charge your phone before unlocking its bootloader. If the power will be drained out your One X10 will get turned off while you apply the steps from below and in that case you can end up in soft bricking your handset. So, be careful and plug in the charger if the power left is currently lower than 50%.

How to Unlock HTC One X10 Bootloader with ease

  1. On your computer install Fastboot binary from the HTC website.
  2. From your computer access the HTCDev official website.
  3. There complete the log in process – create a new account if you don’t have one already.
  4. Once logged in click on the Unlock Bootloader button followed by Get Started.
  5. Choose your device from the displayed list.
  6. Click on the Unlock Bootloader button again and agree with the alerts.
  7. Connect your HTC One X10 devices with your computer via USB cable.
  8. On your computer go to the fastboot binary folder and from there open a command prompt window: press and hold the Shift keyboard key and right click on any blank space and select ‘open command prompt window here’.
  9. In the cmd window type adb devices and then adb reboot bootloader.
  10. Bootloader mode will be displayed on your handset.
  11. Next, type fastboot devices – your smartphone must be displayed; if not, reinstall its drivers and repeat these steps.
  12. Now, in cmd execute fastboot oem get_identifier_token.
  13. Copy the string which will be displayed in cmd.
  14. Paste this string of thext into the token field available in HTCDev website. Then, click on Submit.
  15. You will now receive the unlock code via email. Place the Unlock.bin file inside the fastboot binary folder.
  16. Return to cmd and enter: fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin.
  17. The bootloader will be now automatically unlocked.
  18. Reboot your HTC One X10 in the end; also, close cmd and remove the USB cable.
  19. That should be all.

There you have it; that’s how you can unlock the HTC One X10 bootloader. So, starting from now you can consider in gaining root access, installing a custom recovery image or updating with a custom ROM firmware. So, stay close for further Android related tips, tricks and tweaking solutions and use the comments field from below if you want to share something with us or with the other users who are ready to start this step by step guide.

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